Inspiration Walk 2015

A walk to bring awareness and raise the necessary funds for Special Olympics Maryland Baltimore County. Inspiration Walk 2015 will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Cromwell Valley Park, 2175 Cromwell Bridge Road, Baltimore, MD 21234.

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What The Walk Is All About

The Inspiration Walk was started by Special Olympics Maryland Howard County more than ten years ago. It was agreed upon, by all Maryland counties with Special Olympic programs, that we would all organize a separate Inspiration Walk for our counties. All Special Olympic programs, through out the state, are primarily responsible for raising the funds to support their local county programs. The Inspiration Walk is the main fundraiser for Special Olympics Maryland Baltimore County.

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Why We Walk

Our athletes live with functional limitations that hinder what they can do. These functional limitations will never completely go away. By participating in Specials Olympics our athletes can continue to develop the life skills they need to be accepted, respected, and given a chance to be useful and productive citizens in our society. Your participation in INSPIRATION WALK 2015 will make it possible for Specials Olympics Maryland Baltimore County to continue to offer programs that will help increase our athletes’ abilities. You will not only be helping a good cause but you will have a great time doing so with our athletes, your family and friends.

Walker Information

Walk Center

Tips and tools to help you raise funds and physically prepare for the Inspiration Walk.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

How long is the Inspiration Walk?, How do I get to the park?, Where does the money that is raised go?, How do I register?, How do I volunteer? & Will I get a t-shirt?

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